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VDR Acoustic Beacon Solution---Performance assured

VDR/S-VDR are equipped with a Data Storage Unit (Named as DRU, Capsule, Crash Unit, Antenna etc.) with a Beacon installed on top of it which is designed for transmitting radio signal at a certain frequency in case vessel sinking. Beacon has expired date labelled and its replacement usually done during VDR APT.

Due to legacy reason, there are various brands in the market and some of them are already obsolete. Some other became extremely expensive. Changing the beacon at the last minute by VDR engineer is not only none-cost effective but also risky as short preparation or none stock.

SeaTec Communications now have stock of PT-9 Beacon in Singapore/Glasgow for immediate shipment upon request guaranteeing a product which is

1. Type Approved, it is made in Germany and with BSH approval.

2. Small and Light weight (less than 300g, 12cm*4cm*4cm), None DG. Means can ship at low costs.

3. Cost effective, SeaTec Communications’ selling price is lower than 95% of the supplier in market .We selling at half price of what you usually pay in the past.

4. Full solution with bracket/adapter.

PT-9 Beacon is officially accepted by JRC, Danelec, KH, Consilium and we have evidence following maker also use it as replacement: FURUNO, SPERRY, RUTTER, NETWAVE so suitable for 80% of the VDRs/S-VDRs.

Most beacons can be direct replaced with PT-9 and some model may need adapter or bracket. We have list of most commonly seen Beacons on your VDR (you may provide beacon model or VDR Capsule/VDR model for cross check) and PT9 solutions for those beacons.

Item Ref and uses of model




Glasgow Singapore



Glasgow Singapore



Glasgow Singapore



Check the beacon expires date and let us know now!

SeaTec Communications provides ready solution for Radar Magnetron, EPIRB HRU, VDR/SVDR Beacon, VHF Radios for guaranteeing you the Performance assured!

SeaTec Communications