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TRANSAS Navi Sailor 4000

SeaTec Communications, in line with V.Ships decision to have TRANSAS as their preferred manufacturer, is able to provide the TRANSAS Navi Sailor 4000 type as first ECDIS solution in both configurations, single and paperless (Main and backup).

The entry-level system from Transas is the ECDIS Standard, this meets all IMO and SOLAS regulations and brings the benefit of advanced technology in a simple package along with the quality and service you expect:

  • 24" Marine Panel Computer
  • Transas ES6 Trackball
  • Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS software

With the Standard+ (plus) package you enjoy the complete Standard ECDIS, plus the following additional planning and information functions:

  • AIS, ARPA and Target Management
  • Additional Sensors
  • Additional Route Planning Functions
  • Additional Chart Formats
  • Tides & Current
  • Maps (User Charts)
  • Natex Interface

The Standard+ package (software) can be installed on the Standard ECDIS even if the other features such as radar overlay are not required. If radar overlay is required then additional software RIB6 Software) and hardware (RIB6 interface board) is required.

The system is very reliable with the different configurations; the most requested based on the limited space on the bridge is the Desktop version for Main and Backup system (usually mounted on the chart table) composed by:

  • 24" Marine Panel Computer
  • Transas ES6 Trackball
  • Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS software
  • Mounting brackets

It is recommended to complete the ECDIS Survey Sales Form as support documentation prior to purchasing an ECDIS to determine the right list of parts/components necessary to efficiently complete the project.

Training is an important part of the ECDIS project and thanks to the worldwide Transas facilities and simulators in certain V.Ships manning offices; it can be guaranteed that officers would be trained according to the rules.

The specific training (16 hours) can also be run either ashore in the offices facilities or on board directly with the official Transas Trainer.

To complete the ECDIS project SeaTec Communications is also able to offer Charts with Transas Admiralty Data service (TADS) which give you:

  • Full compliance with ECDIS regulations and paperless navigation
  • benefit from the most comprehensive official ENC data available as SENC for Transas ECDIS
  • Chart handling couldn’t be easier, using Naviplanner and the Transas Chart Service
  • SENC’s installs significantly faster than ENCs
  • Pay As You Sail solution offered together with TADS
  • 24/7
  • A complete package of digital solutions and tools
  • Transas performs additional quality checks to all the ENC data during the SENC conversion

Navi-Planner 4000 is an innovative solution from Transas and provides a single access point for safe and efficient voyage planning. Suitable both on board as a "back of the bridge" application, and ashore as management tool, Navi-Planner 4000 software creates a voyager plan using an electronic route editor.

Key feature includes:

  • Port to Port of complete voyage plan
  • Route checking-reference point selection
  • Reporting points-Warning along the route
  • Chart listing for both (S)ENC and paper charts
  • Detailed voyage plans reports
  • Route export/import from various ECDIS formats
  • Integration with Navi Sailor (NS) 4000 ECDIS
  • Online correction service for paper charts and publications

SeaTec Communication has a Sales agreement in place with Transas able to provide competitive prices in term of hardware and installations having his own techs trained on Transas NS4000 and part of the Transas’ s service dealer network.

For further info please contact us at:

SeaTec Communications