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SeaTec-Comms Launch New Sat Support Department

Due to the extensive range of tasks that need to be carried out (sometimes more maritime-oriented, and sometimes more IT-related), On-board IT Support Engineers are often required to have a wider skill set.

The SeaTec Sat Support Department have Offices both India and in Europe in order to give global coverage to Seatec customers 24/7

24/7 Support to Maritime Customers

The main day-to-day tasks of the Sat Support Team involve the following:

  • VSAT, Fleetbroadband and Iridium Solutions
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Servers, Networks and Clients
  • Vessel Takeover Solutions
  • Backup and Data Recovery
  • New Projects – CCTV, Media Centres, Crew Entertainment
  • Special Projects
  • Crew Safety and Welfare Solutions
  • Email Support and assistance (GT Mail, GT MailPlus, Super-hub, Amosconnect)
  • Firewall installation, configuration and deployment.
  • Helpdesk
    • Receiving calls and requests relating to the operation of the systems
    • Assisting users in operating their system or accessing their information
    • Informing users in case of problems, new releases, upgrades or planned 
    maintenance of the system 
  • Providing an alert function to address major technical failures, or risk of failure, and monitoring the resolution of problems.

 E-Ticket and Out of Hours

 To effectively respond to requests, SeaTec customers have the possibility of using the E-Ticket Support Help Desk in order to log and follow the status of their requests, as well as a new 24 hour manned emergency hotline.


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