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Radar Magnetron Solution

Radar Magnetron Solution

SeaTec Communications is becoming one of the major magnetron distributors in the market with 150 pieces sold in less than 5 months bringing high value to his main Clients. 

In the modern marine radar market we can supply magnetron at most competitive prices and quickest delivery to any part of the world from Singapore-Rotterdam-Houston covering the following Radars brands:

  •          All FURUNO Radars
  •          All JRC Radars
  •          Most of Sperry and KH radars.

We can guide ship’s crew to replace magnetron according to our experience or we can arrange a service with the engineer attendance to replace your magnetron.

Magnetrons have shelf long life so better to keep in stock on board of your vessel

For any question please do not hesitate to contact us at 

SeaTec Communications provides ready solution for Radar Magnetron, EPIRB HRU, VDR/SVDR Beacon,  VHF Radios for guaranteeing you the Performance assured!

SeaTec Communications

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