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About Us

SeaTec Communications is a wholly owned entity within V.Group, the world’s leading provider of maritime services to the commercial shipping and cruise industries. SeaTec Communications supply communication, navigation and entertainment equipment and systems for these maritime sectors and are official dealers for many of the leading manufacturers. We also provide full support packages including the provision of spares and project management services for vessel upgrades and refits. Airtime contracts for Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT complement this portfolio of capabilities.

Being part of V.Group gives us the unique benefit of having ready access to sister companies specialising in complementary services such as riding gangs for larger cabling jobs (e.g. cruise ship computer network installations), or underwater maintenance work (e.g. transducer changes).

From SeaTec Communication's head office in Southampton, England, complemented by satellite offices in key locations, we work with industry partners globally, which facilitates providing our products and services worldwide.   


Customer Testimonials



"We are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides.We appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business"

Vasilis Bakirtzis, Fleet superintendent - Marine V.Ships (Greece)


“Excellent cooperation and great teamwork. Proved the capacity that our group has in supporting when needed”

Costas Kontes, General Manager - V.Ships Greece Ltd.


"We have been using SeaTec Communication services and products for more than 2.5 years and we are very satisfied. With a worldwide network of service engineers, they offer consistent, reliable and effective services to our managed vessels."

Anastatios Theiopoulos, Fleet Manager - Marine V.Ships (Greece)


“SeaTec Communications has done excellent work and assisted the fleet team to full extent during the take-over of German built container vessel, Calais Trader at Cartagena anchorage. Timescales were short and location inconvenient. There were a number of old type navigational equipment from different makes.

SeaTec Communications is one point contact for the superintendents, this assists them to concentrate on other activities during surveys and services of equipment.”

Vijay Sharma, Fleet Manager - V.Ships (Singapore)


“Prompt Response and Excellent Service”

Nitin Dongre, Fleet Manager - V.Ships (Germany) GmbH 


"I sincerely appreciate the work done by  SeaTec Communications team , the proximity with  the SeaTec Communication representatives,  the help and full cooperation received all times. This condition  has really helped facilitate my work and the realization of various commons projects with full satisfaction of Owners and operators.’"

Capt. Marcello Natoli,  Marine Superintendent - V.Ships Leisure (Monaco)


“We use SeaTec Communications for our services due to their professional skills and capabilities. Timely response and efficient service is what we need in this market and working with SeaTec Communications is to the benefit of our business.”

Gian Domenico Rapetti, Fleet Superintendent - V.Ships (Glasgow)


“I sincerely appreciate SeaTec Communications services as they able to provide high level service quality with  24/7 support guaranteed - performances assured"

Pasquale Meschino, Fleet Manager V.Ships (Monaco)


"As a V.Ships France Superintendent I am fully satisfied with SeaTec Communications services. Timely and effective response in addition to a growing panel of  capacities are making SeaTec Communications a reliable company"

Francois Rascle, Technical Superintendent V.Ships (France)


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